1. What is difference between a free user and a Paid user?

A free user can register free, and upload only one picture of their wedding celebration. A paid user can register free and upload many pictures and videos of their wedding celebrations. The difference is clear with both users. We encourage you to take advantage of the paid user opportunity to showcase your wedding celebration with lots of pictures and videos


2.  How can I pay to upload more pictures and videos?

You will need to subscribe for either of the Gold, Silver or Platinum plan to be able to upload more pictures and videos to your wedding celebrations. Payment can be made using PayPal, or by using your Credit/Debit card. PayPal is very safe and reliable and certified by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Council.


3. Who can use The online wedding?

Anyone who wants to share pictures and videos of their wedding, can use The online wedding


4.  For how long can I store pictures and videos of my celebrations?

Pictures and Videos can be stored for as long as you wish. The storage depends on the plans you have subscribed for. Check the Silver and Gold plan to view more information


5. Can I be refunded?

Unfortunately, we have a no refund policy